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Are You Living in a Computer Simulation? Nick Bostrom 
Eternal Progression in a Multiverse: An Explorative Mormon Cosmology Kirk D Hagen 
Information Storage and the Omniscience of God Hollis R Johnson and David H Bailey 
Latter-day Biblical Literalism David H Bailey 
Latter-day Creationism David H Bailey 
Leave Science to Science David H Bailey 
Millennial Tendencies in Responses to Apocalyptic Threats James J Hughes 
Mormonism and Intelligent Design David H Bailey 
Mormonism and the Idea of Progress David H Bailey 
Mormonism and the New Creationism David H Bailey 
Mormonism: A Religion of the Future Lincoln Cannon 
On Being Ill at Ease in the World Richard L Bushman 
Practical Faith in Prophetic Vision Members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association 
Practicing Atonement Lincoln Cannon 
Reasons for Technological Interpretations of Mormonism Lincoln Cannon 
Science and Mormonism: Historical Perspective and Future Outlook David H Bailey 
Science and Mormonism: Past, Present and Future David H Bailey 
Scientific Foundations of Mormon Theology David H Bailey 
Some Thoughts on Higher-Dimensional Realms Robert P Burton and Bruce F Webster 
Spirituality and the Intellectual Development of College Students: The New Leadership Challenge in Higher Education Stephen R White 
Technology and Eschatology: Scientific and Religious Perspectives on the Transformation of Human Nature Ronald Cole-Turner 
Teilhard de Chardin and Transhumanism Eric Steinhart 
The Compatibility of Religious and Transhumanist Views of Metaphysics, Suffering, Virtue and Transcendence in an Enhanced Future James J Hughes 
The Grand Fundamental Principles of Mormonism: Joseph Smith's Unfinished Reformation Don Bradley 
The Jesuit and the Skull: Teilhard de Chardin, Evolution & The search for Peking Man Amir Aczel 
The LDS Church and Evolution David H Bailey 
The New God Argument Lincoln Cannon 
Theological Implications of the New God Argument Lincoln Cannon 
The Physics of Christianity Frank Tipler 
The Physics of Immortality Frank Tipler 
The Singularity: A Crucial Phase in Divine Self-Actualization? Michael E Zimmerman 
Transcending the Animal: How Transhumanism and Religion Are and Are Not Alike Patrick D Hopkins 
Transfiguration: Parallels and Complements between Mormonism and Transhumanism Members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association 
Transfigurism Lincoln Cannon 
Transhumanism and the Imago Dei: Narratives of Apprehension and Hope Stephen Robert Barner 
Trust in Posthumanity and the New God Argument Lincoln Cannon 
Welcome to the 21st Century: The Uncharted Future Ahead David H Bailey 
What is a Singleton? Nick Bostrom 
What's Wrong with Intelligent Design David H Bailey 
Showing 39 items