The Divine Community: Theological Extensions of the New God Argument

Doctrine and Covenants study of “The Church of the Firstborn”

Temple endowment---no “Holy Ghost” is portrayed! Rather, Peter, James, and John serve as holy emissaries. Communal identity of Holy Ghost? Holy Ghost as role rather than singular identity. Also divine investiture of authority.

First Vision---not just God the Father and Jesus Christ who were present----collect extracts from alternate first vision accounts that speak of the grove being filled with angels bursting through the veil. To me this sounds like divine community.

Russell M. Nelson---“Exaltation is a family matter.” Study of LDS doctrine of communal salvation formulaic for the highest degree of exaltation, celestial glory, and fullness of joy.

If God is as man once was, then it means that he was exalted as a member of a sealed family, in the modern western “nuclear family” sense, or as part of his global family, like we are sealed to the family of Adam. Implications for our Heavenly Father being sealed into adivine community.

Invitation to be partakers of the church of the firstborn---invitation to participate in this divine community. Angels show themselves unto them of a firm mind in every form of godliness. This is a key for our open manifestations of the divine community.